5 Recipes of Detox Smoothies to Shed Belly Weight Effectively

Detox Smoothies to Shed Belly Weight Effectively

Do you want to decrease belly weight? In addition, to doing exercises, managing dietary habit must be conducted. You can select healthy foods and drinks to shed belly weight. Detox smoothies to shed belly weight can be a type of healthy drink for belly weight decrease program. Here are the recipes for healthy detox smoothies for belly weight decrease.

Almond and Banana Smoothie

The combination of almond and banana is very great for body health and diet program. You can make your homemade almond and banana smoothie. To make this smoothie recipe, you’ll need a cup of almond milk, banana, 1/2 avocado, low-fat sugar, ice cubes, a spoonful of chocolate without sugar, and a spoonful of almond butter. To make this smoothie, blend it all until it got thickening and blended well. A banana is rich in potassium helping to balance sodium in the body. This also decreases bloated belly. Almond butter is rich in unsaturated fatty acids assisting to reduce fats on the belly.

Peanut and Banana Smoothie

Smoothie is a mostly consumed during the diet. This takes healthy ingredients and brings wonderful benefits for your body. One of the detox smoothies to shed belly weight is Peanut and Banana Smoothie. To make this smoothie, you’ll need 1/2 cup of free fat milk, 1/2 cup of free fat yogurt, 2 tbsp of creamy peanut butter, 1/4 banana, 1 tbsp of honey, and ice cubes. The ways of making peanut and banana smoothie are easy and not require a long time. Blend it all ingredients together in the blender until it reaches the soft texture of the smoothie. After that, pour the smoothie into the glass. Banana and peanut are great for diet because it is rich in nutrition and no fat content. It also contains monounsaturated fatty acids useful to fight for belly fats.

Blueberry Smoothie

A blueberry smoothie is very delicious and tasty. This fruit is rich in antioxidant that is very healthy for body and diet program. The combination of blueberry smoothie ingredients helps your body to weight loss and belly weight. It provides a number of healthy elements making you healthy always. To make a blueberry smoothie, you’ll need a cup of blueberry, a small banana, a tbsp of linseed. Blend it all together until it blends well and reaches up to the perfect and ideal texture of the smoothie.

Green Almond Smoothie

Green and almond is a perfect combination to stimulate body metabolism. The smooth body metabolism is beneficial to stimulate the functions of body organs. This is recommended to be a part of diet program to achieve weight loss and belly weight decrease. You’ll need almond milk, almond butter, small banana, and kale leaves. To make this smoothie, blend it all in a blender for a minute until it reaches a smoothie consistency.

Citrus Lemon Smoothie

Skim milk, peeled orange, linseed, lemon yogurt and ice cube become the ingredients to make Citrus Lemon Smoothie. All those ingredients are needed to make detox smoothies to shed belly weight. You can enjoy lemon and orange benefits. This smoothie can be made easily at home. Consume all above detox smoothies for belly weight loss effectively.

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