Everything that You Should Know about Smoothie Detox!

Everything that You Should Know about Smoothie Detox

Smoothie detox is one of the popular ways that many people used today for the detoxification process. Actually, our body can do detox all kinds of toxic and dangerous substance, automatically. However, if we look at our everyday menu, even though we tried really hard to eat healthy food, there are many occasion when we have to eat junk food, just to save our time. It is much worst, for you who doesn’t live a healthier lifestyle. Your risk to expose by many dangerous substances from food that you eat is much higher. And, because you take too much toxic, your body won’t be able to detox the entire toxin. In the end, it still piles up inside your body and affects your whole health.

This is where healthy smoothies, like green smoothies or fruit smoothies came as the best solution. By having them in your daily menu, your body will be able to normalize its detoxification function. And then, it will be able to excrete the toxic and avoid your body from its harm effect. So, we also can say this smoothie detox as smoothie cleansing. It will clean your body from any dirt (toxin) and in the end; it will make your body healthier.

The Smoothie Detox Strategy

The best way to maximize the great effect of smoothie detox that you consume is by putting it into your daily menu. You can find many different detox diets today, and maybe you are currently using one of them for losing your weight or just to make your body healthy. Actually, this type of detox diet, where they change your whole menu with the detoxification ingredient menu doesn’t have proof that they will give you health benefits. Furthermore, this detoxification method is much harder to do. There is high chance that you will give up in the middle, before all the cleansing process complete. Therefore, it’s not recommended.

The other reason why full detox diet isn’t good choice is, because of its calories intake. By having a full and only ingredient like what you usually use on smoothie detox, your body will have lack nutritional balance. The carbohydrate, mineral and other substance that you usually get from your food won’t be enough because you only consume fruit and vegetable. Of course, this will affect your body. You will feel tired and fatigue because your body can’t get the substance to produce energy. In the end, it can harm your body.

Therefore, the best way is using the small detox strategies. This means you need to use the smoothie detox as the complement of your daily menu. Of course, it would be more effectively, if you also avoid much unhealthy food and ingredient. Junk food is big no. You also need to decrease fatty food intake. Plus, regular exercise, no more smoking, and alcohol will give you a better result in the end. By combining this healthy lifestyle and using detox smoothies; your body detoxification process will be much more effective. And, you also can get a bonus, which is losing your excess weight and great body shape. This is the safest and most natural way to do detox cleansing for health and losing your weight.

The Smoothie Detox Ingredients

Lemon and Apple Smoothie Detox

Lemon and Apple Smoothie Detox

This is also the most crucial part you need to understand when you want to create effective smoothie detox. Basically, you can’t just add any greens into your smoothies and called it as green detox smoothie. Each of ingredients has its own function. So, by combining right ingredient, you can get the benefits like what you want. So, what kinds of ingredient that you can use on your recipe smoothie?

Lemon and Limes

This fruit is known with its high Vitamin C. therefore; this is a great choice if you want to make smoothie recipes that can help to rehydrate your body. This is a great choice as the ingredient for smoothies that you consume after you working out your body. It will help your body to get the balance of its acid and alkaline level. This condition also makes your body have less work to detox toxic from your body. This ingredient is also known as a good quality antioxidant. This is also important because this property will be able to protect your body from free radical that can cause many different health problems, including cancer. So, it’s a good idea to use this ingredient on your smoothie detox.


The taste maybe isn’t your favorite. But, this ingredient has great detoxification effect. It can bind toxic material like lead, mercury and other heavy metals. That way your body will make easier to flush it out of your body. If you want to make green detox smoothies, you can add this ingredient.


Fennel has the opposite taste than Cilantro. This fennel is one of delicious ingredient for smoothie detox. If you taste it, it is very similar to licorice, but with a lighter flavor. Fennel has diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties. More than that, this ingredient is also capable of activating the glutathione, natural antioxidant inside your liver. Having it in your smoothie green will be a great choice because you will get a great taste as well as great taste.


This fruit is also a great choice for a cleansing smoothie. Plus, it has a lot of water inside, which can also make your body rehydrate. Consume it raw or add it as one of an ingredient of your smoothie detox is a good choice. More than that, watermelon also helps to clean your liver and kidneys. So, if you want to most delicious and healthy smoothie on summer, use this fruit.



Ginger is also an important ingredient to add to your detox smoothie recipes. This ingredient is known to be one of effective ingredient for making your digestion system work much better. That means your digest system will be able to flush out all the waste and toxin. This condition is good for your body because your digest system has an important role in your whole body health condition.

According to some research, it said that 70% of health problem came from your digest system. Basically, if your digest system can’t work as it should be, you have higher chance to get more health problem, from the lightest one like fatigue to the severe one, like a heart problem or stroke. The main reason is when your digest system can’t work perfectly; it will leave a lot of waste from the food that it digests. This leftover will become toxic. And, if your body absorbs it, you know what happen next. So, by adding ginger and another ingredient that can promote your digest system function into your smoothie detox, you can prevent this happen.

Dandelion Greens

It’s different from most of the greens you can find in the supermarket. It’s little bit hard to find, especially the natural one. However, if you can get one, don’t hesitate to use it on your smoothie detox. Dandelion greens have many great functions for detoxification process as well as a great addition to many different detox recipes. This ingredient can help to optimize your liver and kidney function. Therefore, the cleansing and detoxification process that depends heavily on these two organs will be able to run much better. More than that, Dandelion Greens has a laxative effect. It’s only little bit, but it’s enough to help your digest system work much better and help you to deal with constipation.

Green Tea

Maybe, you usually use cup water when you make your smoothie detox menu. It’s actually good thing, but you can make it much better if you change it with green tea. Why? Green tea has no calories like water. However, what you can’t find on the water can be found in green tea. They are antioxidant, which one of them is EGCG. EGCG is the antioxidant that can help your body to prevent damage to your liver because of a toxic substance. Green tea also has diuretic property. That means it also can help promote your digest system. Just add a cup of green tea, and your smoothies will become much better than before.


The most important substance in detoxification process is fiber. Fiber is the substance that will help your digest system move out all waste from your food that didn’t absorb. And, Kale has a lot of the fiber. More than that, this ingredient also has a lot of chlorophyll. This substance has detoxification property itself, like heavy metals and another toxin remover. So, you can use this ingredient as one of the ingredients in your smoothie detox recipe.


Watercress is a good choice for addition to your smoothie detox menu. The main reason is this ingredient can improve your blood circulation. That means every organ and part of your body will be able to get more oxygen. This will make you have more energy and doesn’t feel tired or fatigue. More than that, Watercress is also a good ingredient for your skin health. But, the best of all, adding Watercress into your smoothie recipe won’t change the taste too much. So, it’s great addition for you who already have favorite smoothie menu and want to make it much better and more powerful.


It’s like Watercress. It’s great addition to your smoothies. However, compared to Watercress, Arugula has a more spicy taste. But, if your smoothie already has a strong flavor, it won’t affect its taste too much. And, for the health benefit, Arugula has indole-3-carbinol and sulforaphane. Both of them will boost your detoxification process, so it’s great benefits for smoothie detox.


It’s well-known ingredient for detoxification. However, the problem is its cell walls. It’s so strong, so, if you add it directly to your smoothie, it won’t break and give you some hard texture that doesn’t feel good when you drink it. Therefore, first, you need to make Wheatgrass juice. Then, you can add this juice to your smoothie. That way you can get the benefits of this ingredient as well as your smoothie detox program.


Avocado Smoothie Detox

Avocado Smoothie Detox

The detox for losing weight or it’s also known as watering will use this ingredient as one of the main ingredients. Yes, when you lose your weight, you need to avoid or lowering the fats intake. Avocado contains fat, but, why don’t you avoid it? The reason is the fats inside Avocado are healthy fats. And, healthy fats are important for your body health as well as your cleansing process. The healthy fats that mentioned here are the monounsaturated fats. This fat stimulates your body to release the toxins out of it. More than that, this fat also makes the absorption of Vitamin A, D, E and K become more effective. This is where you get the health benefits. And, Avocado doesn’t stop with only that benefit.

Avocado also has a lot of fiber, which is important substance for smoothie detox. The last but not least, Avocado also give your smoothies delicious taste and creamy texture. This is also a great ingredient for diet. By having Avocado into your smoothies, you will feel full for longer time.


Cranberries are a good ingredient for the lymphatic system. Although it’s well-known as an ingredient for a detox diet, but only use this ingredient as it’s sole ingredient for a detox diet, isn’t good. You need to combine it with another ingredient in your smoothie detox menu.


It’s easy to get. And the good thing, this fruit will give your smoothies great taste. This is also the good source of sugar. So, you won’t need to worry about sweet taste for your smoothies. Of course, if you have diabetes and such, it would be better, if you remove this ingredient from your smoothie detox recipe. But, if you don’t have any problem, add it and get ready to taste delicious smoothies. The other good thing is Apple also has a lot of pectins. Pectin helps your body to absorb toxin and remove it out of your body. Apple also has Glucaric Acid. This substance also has a similar function like pectin, but Glucaric Acid help your body to remove heavy metals and dangerous chemical from inside your body.


Of course, you must know adding Yogurt will give your smoothies creamy and smooth texture. But, texture isn’t the only thing that Yogurt can give to you. You also can find a lot of probiotic inside Yogurt. Probiotic is good bacteria that can help your digestive system function. More than that, this microorganism also boosts your body immune system. However, unlike Apple, which is natural sugar, Yogurt doesn’t have that property. Therefore, if you find sweet Yogurt, mostly, it has been added additional sugar. This isn’t good for your smoothie detox program. You can still use it, though. You just need to use the plain Yogurt. It doesn’t contain sugar, and it will reply with good effect for you.

There are many more ingredients that you can find for your smoothie detox menu and recipe. However, all ingredients that mentioned above are the best you can find. Now, you can try some of detox smoothie’s recipe.

The Detoxification Smoothies Recipes

Here are some recipes which you could try for smoothie detox.

Cilantro Smoothies

This cilantro smoothie is a simple smoothie’s recipe you can try. Some of the ingredients is a little bit tricky to get, but, if you have to choose one of most delicious smoothies for detox, this is your choice. Here are the ingredients.


  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup of Cilantro
  • Pineapple and Mango. It would be better if you use the fresh one. However, if you can’t find this tropical fruit, you also can change it with any fruits that you like.
  • Lime juice; make it from half Lime fruits.
  • Pinch of Celtic sea salt or another salt.


  • Avocado, use ¼ of Avocado.
  • Papaya, use the fresh one at least ½ cup
  • Little ginger.

How to Make It

It is easy. Just put all ingredients above into your blender. Blend it on high speed for around 30 to 45 seconds. Alternatively, you can just blend it until it reaches the texture like what you want. Moreover, serve it while it is still fresh.

Green Detox Smoothie

Here, you will use a lot of great greens ingredient for your smoothie detox recipe. Moreover, here are the ingredients.


  • 1 cup of water or you can change it with green tea if you want to make it real green smoothies.
  • Lemon juice
  • 1 fresh banana, or if you cannot find it, use a frozen
  • 1 cup of kale or dandelions greens for better effect.
  • Spirulina and Chlorella each of them just 1 cup.
  • Pinch of Celtic sea salt.
  • ½ tablespoon honey or if you have a problem with too much sugar intake, you can remove this ingredient. Of course, the taste will not be as delicious as before.
  • Ice cubes

Addition Ingredients

  • ¼ cup of Cilantro and Arugula
  • Pineapple or mango, as much as you like.

How to Make It

What you need to do is just put all ingredients into a blender. Blend it for about 30 to 60 seconds or until the consistency that you like.

Actually, there are many more recipes that you can get for your smoothie detox. Those two recipes are recommended because the effect is great and the most important thing, the taste is delicious. However, the most important thing, you also need to use the fresh and natural ingredient. Some of the ingredients may be difficult to get, so, you have to use the frozen one. It would be better if you can get the fresh one. That will give you more nutrition and more benefits for your smoothie detox.

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